Dayschool Events
Pumpkin carving
October is the time classroom pumpkins are
transformed into whimsical Jack - o - lanterns.
Thanksgiving feast

November 15 our pilgrims and native Americans gather to enjoy a meal.

Caroling with kids
On December 15 we invite family and
friends of APC to help us sing in the season.
Tiny  Town                                           
On February 7,  our APC families visit "tiny town". 
Some of the activities our students can experience
in the child size store fronts include: decorating a
cookie in the bakery, getting their nails done in a salon,
mailing a letter, planting a flower in our nursery
 and driving through a carwash.  Fun for all!
March 28 will be an exciting day for our preschool
children as they have a visit from some reptile friends.         
APC has the best teachers!                                                          
We will show them our appreciation
during the week of March 27.   
Field Day

Excitement builds all year for our annual field day on May 4.  The children participate in numerous fun activities and enjoy lots of delicious treats.


May 24 is the graduation ceremony for our children going to kindergarten.