Open Arms

What is Open Arms?

Alpharetta Presbyterian’s first experience with a special needs program began in 1998. A committee formed to introduce a Sunday morning program designed to provide Christian Education for children with special needs and respite during worship for their families. The Promise Class ministry has since grown to offer Vacation Bible School classes, worship opportunities, and partnerships with area organizations for Saturday and summer respite. Also, the Open Arms ministry has expanded its reach to offer support for the elderly and those dealing with cancer and chronic illnesses. Alpharetta Presbyterian feels called to address this need in our church and in the greater community by welcoming people with special needs with open arms.
Open Arms Mission Statement: The Open Arms ministry of APC is committed to fulfilling the promises made at baptism and supporting the mission of APC for individuals of all abilities by
  • Strengthening church family awareness/understanding of individuals with special needs
  • Providing the resources and support for faith formation and spiritual growth
  • Facilitating access to and participation in joyful worship
  • Creating an atmosphere in which God’s love is shared through hospitality, acceptance, support, and outreach to the greater community.


APC Open Arms Eldercare Blog
The linked blog is for information purposes only, and is not to be considered as expert medical opinion. Always consult a professional before making any care decision or changing treatment.
For more information, please contact Mary Waters, Director of Open Arms Ministry. Mary taught in special needs in Fulton County schools for 27 years and currently serves as an Instructional Support Teacher at Alpharetta High School. She will be happy to answers questions about any aspect of our Open Arms Ministry.