Covid-19 Response

Updated:  Friday, August 27, 2021


Dear Members and Friends of APC,

We were all hoping and praying that the worst of the COVID-19 public health pandemic was behind us in the late Spring, but low vaccination rates and a highly contagious Delta variant have certainly changed that.  As you know, the CDC recently updated its recommendations to again encourage masking and distancing in indoor settings (even for those previously vaccinated).

As of now, APC’s building and programs remain active and open…and we want to keep it that way!  To help us stay open, vibrant and welcoming to all, the Session last evening unanimously took actions which I summarize below:

  1. Per CDC recommendation, the session encourages all persons (over the age of two) to mask for indoor activities at the church.
  2. This recommendation is for all church events and outside groups using our facilities.
  3. Please practice at least six feet of social distancing within the building.
  4. Group meeting leaders are asked to assure rooms are well-ventilated by having the HVAC thermostats set to “on” and room doors and/or windows slightly open for fresh air.
  5. All group meeting leaders should keep a list of those in attendance for purposes of contract tracing (should that be necessary.)

None of us wanted to be in this situation after all we have endured since early in 2020 from COVID.  But here we are.  Cases, hospitalizations and deaths are rising.  The situation is putting a serious strain on our schools, hospitals and medical providers. So please, do your part to help keep the church building open!  Help slow the spread, protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated, wearing a mask and staying home if you have any symptoms.  Know that we will continue to livestream our worship services and offer hybrid meetings (both in-person and virtual) wherever possible so as many as possible can participate.

Our public health advisory team will continue to monitor this dynamic situation and on behalf of the session, I will communicate any further updates about APC operations and policies as decisions are made. As always, thank you for your prayers, patience, resilience and active participation in our work and worship as a people of God.

I closed the session meeting with this prayer that I now share with you:

God of mercy, as the Delta variant continues to spread, fatiguing us all, endangering health and straining health care workers and communities, we pray for strength, endurance and a spirit of unity to get through this public health challenge together.  For you are the God who heals the sick.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

May God bless and keep you,


Dr. Oliver Wagner, Pastor