Covid-19 Response

Updated:  Monday, September 21, 2020


Use of APC’s buildings and property is currently restricted, but the work and life of the church continue! We are not “closed,” we are simply operating and serving in new ways in order to keep our church family and members of our local community safe during this unprecedented time.


Scroll down for details and to view our Building Access Timeline.  We are currently in PRE-PHASE 1. We will not reach Phase 1 until the number of new infections has decreased for a two-week period.


COVID-19 APC Gathering Guidelines (updated July 13, 2020)

APC Procedures for a Positive COVID-19 Case (updated July 13, 2020)

Please read this important message from APC’s Senior Pastor and our Public Health Advisory Team.


Worship Services
At this time we are continuing with pre-recorded worship services shared via our YouTube Channel. Visit our Listen to a Sermon page or search YouTube for “Alpharetta Presbyterian Church.”  New worship services are posted each Sunday morning. Those involved in filming the services must all wear masks when not on camera and practice social distancing at all times.

Church Building
The church building remains closed to group/organizational meetings and the office remains closed. Staff are available by calling the office or by email.

Small Group Church Gatherings
Church groups may hold outdoor gatherings of no more than 10 people on or off APC property. Please refer to details in the COVID-19 APC Gathering Guidelines.

Memorial Garden Committal Services
APC Memorial Services will be held electronically at present (much like our Sunday morning online worship services). Memorial Garden committal services during the pandemic will be limited to 20 family members, all masked and distanced. Please refer to details in the COVID-19 APC Gathering Guidelines.

Our pastors will schedule baptisms following health and safety guidelines set forth by our Session. If you would like to schedule a baptism, please complete our Baptism Request Form and return to the church office via email.


 Alpharetta Presbyterian Church Building Access Timeline

We are currently in PRE-PHASE 1

Phase 1 – APC staff/individuals in building as needed
Phase 2 – Sunday School and Internal Groups (limited to 5 days a week)
Phase 3 – Sunday Morning Worship Service
Phase 4 – External groups and normal key card schedule

For APC property management, Stage 1 limits the use of the building to APC staff and individuals needing access to the building.  APC will follow the general recommendation from the federal government, CDC and Presbytery leaders. Those recommendations include the use of social distancing, wearing a mask, washing of hands and contact tracing where possible.

  • Social Distancing – the recommendation is at least 6’ and preferably 10’ distancing between staff and any individuals. Examples being critical one-on-one meetings with staff or vendors (building maintenance) needing access to the church.  As APC opens to more activities and people, the church will provide signage, markings and other reminders.
  • Masks – the recommendation is that ALL staff and individuals within the church building wear a mask. Exceptions: if you are the ONLY person in the building or if you are in your assigned office space. The mask does not have to be of any specific type or make – even a scarf or bandana will work as long as it covers your mouth and nose.  The church will try to maintain a supply of masks for those that may need one on entering the building or forgot and left theirs at home or in their car.
  • Hand Washing – the recommendation is that you wash your hands after touching any surfaces upon entering the church building or while in the church building. Please wash your hands for at least 20 – 30 seconds.  Restrooms will be available as well as hand sanitization stations will be located at various locations throughout the church.  It is recommended that that bathroom doors be propped open to reduce “touch”.
  • Contact Tracing – it has been proven that contact tracing is a very important component of the efforts to reduce the rate of COVID-19 infections. At this time, the current card entry system for church access will track staff and selected others (with entry cards) as they enter the building.

Members who currently have Key Cards and access is denied need to contact church staff to arrange access. These individuals along with any others needing access will be required to stop at the church office so they can sign in and provide their name and phone #.

In addition to the recommendations listed above the church (if supplies are available) may require that your temperature be checked and noted on the sign-in form (available in or near the church office) upon your entry into the building.  If you show a temperature above normal (98.6) you will be asked to leave the building.  It is further recommended that staff and individuals wipe down their desk areas after each use.