Elders & Deacons

ELDERS: 2017 Session

Clerk of Session: Beth Bowles Email

Children’s Ministry: Wendy Seeman, Tim Dietrich
Communications: Susan Manthey, Cara Doll
Fellowship: Laura Barnett, Rich Vandever
Membership: Dennis Barger
Mission: Tim Chisholm
Nominating: Stu Moring, Ashley Shepardson
Open Arms: Kris Moehring
Personnel: Jennifer Owens, Alan Crowell
Property: Dick Bean, Richard Boston
Spiritual Growth: Beth Bowles
Stewardship: Patrick Liu, Lisa McKemey
Strategic Planning: Jerry Hopkins
Worship: Larry Carver, Elizabeth Hughey
Youth Ministry: Tom Gould, Mary Margaret Baxley


Moderator: Chuck Ghent

Companion Care Team:
The Companion Care Team extends friendship and support to individuals in the church family who are in need. Team members work to develop a relationship with care partners and their families where they feel valued, supported, and loved.
Diane Conklin (Chair), Dawn Bray, Kari Minnich, Chuck Ghent, Veronica Perri, Gary White, Kelly Kittle

Hospital & Recovery Care Team:
This team contacts and supports an individual or the family of an individual who is hospitalized. Team members may deliver flowers, send cards, make phone calls, visit the patient at home or in the hospital, deliver meals to their family, or meet other needs during or immediately after a hospital stay. Support continues as needed after the patient is released.
Amy Hewitt (Chair), Vickie Hyde, Salpi Adrouny, Shannon Smith, Betty Lynam, Jody Bancroft, Susan Conway, Cynthia Deck

Hospitality Care Team:
This team reaches out to new and less active members to encourage them to become connected within the life of APC, as well as staying in touch with APC’s college students, and those temporarily located away from home, such as in the armed forces.
Cissy Moriarty (Co-Chair), Margy Culver (Co-Chair), Lieben Bogle, Mike Corpening, Greg Jones, Florence White, Zoey Wagner, Lynn Adams, Dot Van Dyke, Gwenda Hanselman, Myrna Gibbs, Russ Gibbs

Sympathy & Celebrations Care Team:
This team supports families who may be mourning a loss or celebrating an important event. Typical celebrations may include births, baptisms, confirmations, graduations and weddings. Team members provide receptions following funerals and memorial services held at APC and provide additional support through prayers, phone calls, cards, delivering sanctuary flowers and meals, or visiting.
Patty Hagler (Chair), Gordon Hagler, Drew Rhoades, Dean Burgess, Jim Cash, William Stephens, Jan Berhardt, Mary Culp, Nancy Hathy