Documents & Forms

If you have questions about any of these documents, please contact the church office for further assistance: 770-751-0033, .



  • APC hosts weddings for church members and non-members in our sanctuary. Please note that non-member weddings must be officiated by a Presbyterian (PCUSA) pastor. To see if your proposed date is available on our church calendar, please contact our church office via email or by phone: 770-751-0033. Further details and forms will be shared once the proposed date has been discussed. Please also review our Wedding Policy.


  • Baptism Request Form: Please complete and return to the church office via email.
  • Funeral & Memorial Service Guidelines: The church welcomes requests for a service of Christian worship at the time of death. Offering “A Service of Witness to the Resurrection” for the family and loved ones of the deceased is an important ministry of the congregation as it seeks to provide comfort, hope, and faith for those who mourn.
  • Memorial Garden Policy: The APC Memorial Garden provides a beautiful outdoor location for the common interment of ash remains. It is a place for remembrance, thanksgiving, prayer, reflection, and small gatherings for worship.
  • Facility Use Policy: The purpose of the facility use policy is to communicate processes and procedures necessary to be good stewards of God’s facility that is in such heavy demand. This stewardship has many dimensions but it primarily involves providing a safe and well maintained facility that allows the church to carry out its mission.
  • Facility Use Form: When completed, submit to the church office via email.
  • Card Access Request Form: APC’s property outside of office hours is restricted to card access. To request an access card, print and fill out the Card Access Request Form, then submit to Property Manager Tyler Moore via email.
  • After the Event Checklist: Please make sure you return the facility to the condition in which you found it.




  • APC Congregational Bylaws – Approved during the congregational meeting held November 16, 2011, in conjunction with the approval of the new Book of Order, revised February 25, 2021.
  • 2021 Annual Report for Alpharetta Presbyterian Church.
  • 2019 Strategic Plan – Approved by APC’s Session in May of 2019, the plan helps us shape the future of our congregation.
  • Emergency Response Plan 2022 – these guidelines may also be found in the Usher’s closet and on the bulletin boards throughout the church.
  • Incident Report Form – This form is to be completed by anyone who witnesses a violation to APC’s safety policies.
  • Inclement Weather Policy – Please refer to this policy for notifying church members of weather-related closures or delays for APC Dayschool, the church office, or church-wide events.
  • Check Request Form – To request a check from the church office please submit the form with receipts.
  • Adult Sexual Misconduct Policy 2022

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