Elders & Deacons

ELDERS: 2021 Session

Clerk of Session: Jim Gray

Children’s Ministry: Mike Womack (22), Colette Rhoades (23)
Fellowship: Jodie Barger (23), Shannon Ross (24)
Membership:  Jeff Hyde (23), Lynn Reiman (22)
Mission: Tami Drotleff (23), Randy Schiltz (24), Drew Ghent (23)
Nominating:  Mike Womack (23), Ellen  Adolph (24)
Personnel: Rich D’Alberto (24), Elliot Temple (22)
Property: Steven Wardrup (23), Dave Berry (22)
Spiritual Growth: Brian Moore (22), Mary Rogovin (24)
Stewardship:  Robert Beal (23), Tim Deitrich (22)
Worship: Lisa Gould (22), Jim Gray (24)
Youth Ministry: Shannon Pickerel (22), Ingrid Schmitz (22), John Hicks (24)


DEACONS: 2022 Care Teams

Moderators:  Blake Cherrington, Heather Brinson

Compassion and Care Team:
The Compassion and Care Team works to keep all APC members connected to the church by visiting homebound members and providing transportation to worship as well as looking for ways to share elements of worship with those in assisted living facilities.
Judy Akerman (Team Leader), Laurel Akerman (Team Leader), Laura Griffith, Mike Barnes, Charlene Baxley, Nancy Hill, Heather Brinson, Gladys Cannon, Wendy Cory, McKenzie Pickerel (Y)

Service Team:
The Service Team organizes funeral receptions and also contacts and supports an individual or the family of an individual who is hospitalized. Team members may deliver flowers, send cards, make phone calls, visit the patient at home or in the hospital, deliver meals to their family, or meet other needs during or immediately after a hospital stay. Support continues as needed after the patient is released.
Betty Lynam (Team Leader), Derenda Barnes, Melinda McConnell, Kevin Perri, Barb Bacarella, Jackie Hagan, Herman Mueller, Blake Cherrington, Kristina Appen, Virginia Mann

Witness and Outreach Team:
This team reaches out to church members, sending cards for life events as well as visitor letters, staffing APC’s Welcome Desk, and exploring new ideas with social media tools.
Richard Genet (Team Leader), Ellen Wu, Mark Yoder, Meredith Haslam, Addison Temple (Y), Stacie Holloway, Jason Cornell

Connections and Support Team:
The Connections and Support Team works with APC’s Open Arms Ministry (including Elder Care), provides education, and connects with outside support groups (such as Alcoholics Anonymous) who meet at APC. The team will also assist with divorce and grief support groups provided by APC.
Tom Scarborough (Team Leader), Meredith Brogan, Marian Cunningham, Paul DeCamp, Andrew Bamford, Mindy Nelson, Kate McChesney, Evan Minnich