Daily Devotionals

Start your day off with a dose of inspiration! APC’s Daily Devotionals are delivered via email on weekday mornings, Monday through Friday. Written by our pastors, church leaders and members of the congregation, the devotionals offer a brief personal message, a verse of scripture and a prayer. Filled with stories, humor, insights and honesty, reading the Daily Devotionals helps us get to know one another and offers the opportunity to reflect on the role faith plays in our daily lives.

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October 23, 2020, “Connect to APC”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
October 22, 2020, “Hope Eternal”, Lynn Reiman
October 21, 2020, “What is APC’s Brand”, Rev. Erin Noh
October 20, 2020, “Inspired”, Rev. Anne Fyffe
October 19, 2020, “May I Break in Interesting Ways”, Rev. Beverly Markham
October 16, 2020, “Christ’s Revelation to His Church”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
October 15, 2020, “Encountering God through Lectio Divina”, Rev. Erin Noh
October 14, 2020, “Fighting Food Insecurity…Together”, Beth Hudson
October 13, 2020, “A New Ball”, Jeff Hyde
October 12, 2020, “Do Justice”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
October 9, 2020, “A Second Response“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
October 8, 2020, “The Uncompromising Word of God“, Rev. Erin Noh
October 7, 2020, “In the Presence of Angels“, Ed McLaurin
October 6, 2020, “Giving your Life to God“, Cindy Laubenstein
October 5, 2020, “The Gift of Work”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
October 2, 2020, “Light in the Dark”, Rev. Beverly Markham
October 1, 2020, “On Seeing God’s Creation”, Tom Fisher

September 30, 2020, “Unprepared”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 29, 2020, “The Golden Calf”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 28, 2020, “When the Weight of the World is Too Much”, Rev. B. Markham
September 25, 2020, “Seeking to be Faithful in confusing Times“, Rev. Erin Noh
September 24, 2020, “Service“, Susan McBreairty
September 23, 2020, “God Is With You“, Raylynn Boston
September 22, 2020, “Hunger and Thirst for the Spirit“, Rev. Beverly Markham
September 21, 2020, “Called to Work for Reconciliation“, Polly Hyatt
September 18, 2020, “The Jonah in Each of Us“, Rev. Beverly Markham
September 17, 2020, “Staying Positive, Part 4“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 16, 2020, “Staying Positive, Part 3“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 15, 2020, “Staying Positive, Part 2“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 14, 2020, “Staying Positive,” Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 11, 2020, “Spiritual Formation,” Rev. Erin Noh
September 10, 2020, “Freedom,” Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 9, 2020, “Pay Attention. Be Astonished. Tell Someone,” Rev. B. Markham
September 8, 2020, “Renewing Our Strength and Hope,” Kari Minnich
September 4, 2020, “Sabbath Keeping,” Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 3, 2020, “Come Together,” Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 2, 2020, “We All Need a Small Group,” Dr. Oliver Wagner
September 1, 2020, “Matthew 25 Initiative,” Rev. Erin Noh

August 31, 2020, “Do Good, Now,” Rev. Anne Fyffe
August 28, 2020, “Psalms of Comfort“, Rev. Erin Noh
August 27, 2020, “Mundane Miracles“, Rev. Beverly Markham
August 26, 2020, “What’s Your Word“, Judy Bancroft
August 25, 2020, “Life in Exile“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
August 24, 2020, “Complexity of Silence“, Alan Frutchey
August 21, 2020, “We Are All Disabled”, Rev. Beverly Markham
August 20, 2020, “Social Creatures”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
August 19, 2020, “Patience”, Alan Frutchey
August 18, 2020, “More Love”, Jean Williams
August 17, 2020, “Make a Ripple”, Blake Cherrington
August 14, 2020, “What the World Needs Now”, Rev. Anne Fyffe
August 13, 2020, “Open My Eyes”, Dale Carter
August 12, 2020, “Rest for the Weary”, Rev. Erin Noh
August 11, 2020, “Seeing the Good”, Tom Gould
August 10, 2020, “God Who Will Not Let Us Go”, Rev. Anne Fyffe
August 7, 2020, “The Voice in the Silence”, Rev. Beverly Markham
August 6, 2020, “Now”, Ingrid Schmitz
August 5, 2020, “A Lesson in Letting Go”, Rev. Beverly Markham
August 4, 2020, “Worry and Peace”, Rev. Anne Fyffe
August 3, 2020, “The Power of Connection”, Rev. Erin Noh

July 31, 2020, “Things That Are Good“, Rev. Anne Fyffe
July 30, 2020, “Try to Love One Another“, Tom Cunningham
July 29, 2020, “Can You Hear My Prayer“, Arthur Colby
July 28, 2020, “Hope“, Rev. Beverly Markham
July 27, 2020, “Divine Connection“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
July 24, 2020, “A Time to Listen“, Kristina Appen
July 23, 2020, “An Example of Leadership“, Rev. Erin Noh
July 22, 2020, “Name Above All Names“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
July 21, 2020, “Love Abides“, Lynn Reiman
July 20, 2020, “Don’t Worry“, Norma Capone
July 17, 2020, “Praise The Lord, O My Soul“, Rev. Erin Noh
July 16, 2020, “New Normal“, Polly Hyatt
July 15, 2020, “Empathy“, Deanna Womack
July 14, 2020, “Change of Heart“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
July 13, 2020, “Let It Out!“, Rev. Beverly Markham
July 10, 2020, “All Who Love and Serve Our City“, Hymn by Erik Routley
July 9, 2020, “Foolish Choice“, Dr. Oliver Wagner
July 8, 2020, “Centered“, Debbie Engler-Key
July 7, 2020, “Spiritual Strength Training“, Rev. Erin Noh
July 6, 2020, “Reformed and Always Reformed“, Rev. Beverly Markham
July 3, 2020, “July 4, 1776”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
July 2, 2020, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction“, Ray Appen
July 1, 2020, “Blessed by the Lord”, Rev. Erin Noh

June 30, 2020, “Look Around”, Rev. Beverly Markham
June 29, 2020, “Completely One”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
June 26, 2020, “Take Care of Yourself”, Rev. Beverly Markham
June 25, 2020, “Old Made New”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
June 24, 2020, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”, Rev. Anne Fyffe
June 23, 2020, “Finding Comfort”, Dennis Barger
June 22, 2020, “Strength in Times of Trial”, Fran Mosher
June 19, 2020, “Sometimes God is Not Very Subtle”, Dave Berry
June 18, 2020, “Breathing New Life”, Rev. Erin Noh
June 17, 2020, “Being Present”, Andrea Hummel
June 16, 2020, “Privilege, Anyone?”, Hudy Mulia
June 15, 2020, “God’s Laughter”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
June 12, 2020, “Gospel Imperatives”, Mike Womack
June 11, 2020, “Naming Injustice”, Rev. Beverly Markham
June 10, 2020, “Always”, Kevin and Veronica Perri
June 9, 2020, “Our Stories”, Rev. Anne Fyffe
June 8, 2020, “The Presents of God”, Richard and Barbara Gibson
June 5, 2020, “On Gratitude”, Stu Moring
June 4, 2020, “For Life and Health”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
June 3, 2020, “Happy and Hopeful”, Harper Rowland
June 2, 2020, “Parental Wisdom”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
June 1, 2020, “Spirit of Stillness”, Derek Scheidt

May 27, 2020, “A Courage to See”, Rev. Beverly Markham
May 26, 2020, “A Future with Hope”, Steve and Eva Wardrop
May 22, 2020, “No Boundaries in God’s Grace”, Rev. Erin Noh
May 21, 2020, “Breathe”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
May 20, 2020, “A Triple Exhortation of Hope”, Claudia Lopez
May 19, 2020, “Responsibility”, Dr. Oliver Wagner
May 18, 2020, “How Great Thou Art”, Ellen and Todd Adolph